Bill Counter

Bill Counter

Bill counters in Georgia

Bill counters are needed for quick cash counting. They are used in banks, pawnshops, bookkeeping, currency exchange points. In the article we will tell you how to choose the right bill counter and which models exist in Georgia.

Which Bill counters are popular in Georgia?

Bill counter NX-680 is a professional cash counting machine that can be used in banks, currency exchange points, pawnshops, markets and etc. It can detect fake money by UV/IR/MG/MT.

It can be used in banks, currency exchange offices, pawnshops and microfinance organizations. The money counting machine has counterfeit money detection detection via UV / IR / MG / MT.

How to choose a Bill counter?

Bill counters can have variety of functions. This can be a determination of the integrity of notes or the size of notes. Give preference to the counter which has functions you need. Please check the availability of:

  • Automatic and manual start. Models with an automatic start function do not require a button to start recounting.
  • Recalculation speed adjustment. In some models, the speed of counting bills is adjustable. Slower speed may be required when determining Bill for authenticity.
  • Summation. The mode allows you to see not only the number of notes, but also the amount.
  • Sorting. The sorting function allows you to read bills in a bundle consisting of different bills, and sort them.
  • Performance. Bill counters are designed for a certain number of hours of work. Inexpensive models, on average, can work 4-6 hours a day, more expensive ones - up to 12 hours a day.

Where in Georgia can buy a Bill counter?

The purchase a Bill counter can happen in three ways:

  • In any of the GSN company's branches throughout Georgia, you can see them at this link.
  • Through the online store, which provides free shipping.
  • Just one phone call ( +995322500120 ) to our remote sales department, who will take care of registering your device and delivering it to your desired address free of charge.

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