Electronic Scales

Electronic Scales

Electronic scales in Georgia

Electronic scales are primarily essential for stores. They are used to weigh products. Let's discuss which models are popular in Georgia and how to choose them for your business.


Electronic scales popular in Georgia

Barcode Label Electric Scale Aclas LS2  has a very elegant design. It comes with the following weight range: 0-6-15kg. Two-line LCD display simultaneously shows weight, unit price, and final price. It can be connected with a personal computer and POS system. It is protected from insects and moisture. The scale has a low power consumption - from 100 to 240 Volts and 50 to 60 Hz. Also, it is extremely comfortable and easy to work with.

Barcode printable electronic scale ACLAS 6-15 kg front side

Electronic scale ACS

It features an elegant and compact design. Its weight range is 0-15-30 kg. The three-line LCD display shows both weight, unit price and final price. The electronic scale has a high sensitivity keyboard and an extremely durable carbon fiber membrane. The work process is very comfortable and easy. The scale operates on a 220-volt mains supply as well as autonomously via a built-in battery. 3 liquid-crystal illuminated screens with data on weight, unit price and amount payable. You can turn off the lights on the liquid-crystal display so that the built-in battery can work longer without charging in outdoor conditions. The scale also has a multi-tare function, you can also program 7 fixed prices for fast typing.

Electronic scales ACS front

How to choose electronic scale?

There are many different models of electric scales. It can have a customer display and user screen, a final price calculation function, and other.

  • The first thing you should pay attention to is the weight limit. Decide what maximum quantity of goods you will weigh.
  • Think about whether you need additional functions, such as printing a barcode, calculating the final price, etc. Thus, the function of printing a barcode can significantly speed up the work of a cashier, since the buyer will weigh the goods himself.
  • Pay attention to the size of the scales. Scales with a rack take up a lot of space, but are more convenient for customers.
  • The keyboard of the scale can be located below or above. The top placement is convenient for weighing fluid products.
  • Many models are equipped with a PLU function. They can put in the cost of goods per kilogram in advance. It is usually used for most popular products.

Where in Georgia to buy Electronic / Brcode scales?

The purchase of any of the Electronic / Brcode scales can happen in three ways:

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  • Through the online store, which provides free shipping. www.gsn.ge
  • Just one phone call ( +995322500120 ) to our remote sales department, who will take care of registering your device and delivering it to your desired address free of charge.

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