Money Detector

Money Detector

Cash Detectors in Georgia

Technology does not stand still, and fraudsters are making more and more accurate copies of bills, which are not easy to distinguish from the real ones.

In order to identify counterfeit money, special devices are used - money detectors.

You can often find them in banks, currency exchange booths, shops, gas stations and retail outlets. Let's discuss how to choose a money detector for your business and which products are popular in Georgia.

There are models designed to verify one particular currency. There are also money detectors that allow you to check the currency of different countries. Money detectors focused on checking only one currency are used in supermarkets, and it is best to use different currency recognition devices in currency exchange offices.

Which Cash Detectors are popular in Georgia?

Let’s take a look on some models of money detectors popular in Georgian companies.

The money detector NX115- can detect all fake bills by using his strong UV lamp(9W). It is suitable for all currencies.

Money Detector Side NX115 Money Detector NX115 Front

The money detector NX2038 can detect all fake bills and it is suitable for all currencies. NX-2038 is Suitable for checking bills, credit cards, passports.

Money Detector NX2038

Money detector with NX2038 money

Where to buy Cash Detector?

It is recommended to buy NX115 and NX2038 money detectors on GSN's website or at its branches throughout Georgia. GSN is a Bulgarian company that for years has been the undisputed leader in the Georgian market in the import of money detectors and other devices.

How to choose Cash Detector?

There are viewing, automatic and combined detectors.

  • Viewing detectors are easy to use but do not provide reliable accuracy. The bill is placed in an ultraviolet field devices, the decision on its authenticity is made by the employee. Detectors are designed to verify single bills (one by one).
  • Automatic models determine the authenticity of bills automatically. They set parameters that distinguish the original from fake ones. Verification takes less time than using Viewing detector.
  • Combined models are the most accurate, because the device allows check the watermarks, the size of the bill and the paint on it.