POS Equipment

POS Equipment

POS equipment / System in Georgia

POS system is a hardware-software complex, which operates on the basis of the fiscal cash register. A POS or point of sale is also a device that is used to process transactions by retail customers. POS equipment allows you to accept and issue money, cancel purchases, etc.

Typically, POS equipment is required for companies with high throughput. It could be a retail outlet such as supermarket or restaurant.

Which POS equipment we offer to customers?

POS System Micropos B15S-II

Micropos B15S II is a computer with a touch screen. It has a sophisticated design, is practical, and is easy to use for cashiers. In manufacturing POS system 15-inch display, Mircropos uses scratch-resistant tape. It does not shrink during operation and retains its original appearance. You can connect any types of barcode scanners, cash drawers, thermal printers, any equipment and of course cash registers, which automatically will be checked through a retail/wholesale or service program loaded into it.

POS system K-3061

POS system with build-in thermal printer.

POS terminal is a computer with a touch screen. Its body consists of plastic black and durable construction, the POS system integrates an 80 mm thermal printer in it. With its design, the product is popular in trading and service facilities, with the help of a convenient design, it creates flexible working conditions for the cashier operator. You can connect any type of barcode scanner, additional thermal printer, and of course a cash register, from which a check will be automatically printed through the retail/wholesale or service program loaded in it, to the POS system. A 15.3'' LCD user screen is additionally connected to the POS system. The WINDOWS 10 demo version is installed in the POS terminal.

Can be purchased with, or without customer display.


POS system A2

POS system is a computer with sensor screen. Corpus of it is made of metal (Alumin), it's resistand, practical and has beautiful construction. Because of its' design - this POS system is popular in shops and stores, it has a sophisticated design, is practical and  easy to use for cashiers. It can be connected with any  barcode scanners, thermal printers,  and of course cash registers - which will automatically print a cheque through a retail/wholesale or service program installed into it.

How to choose POS Equipment?

First and foremost, consider the number of customers you serve on a daily basis. If you have 100-200 users per day, you can choose a simple and relatively inexpensive POS system. Consequently, you will save extra costs on features such as high speed of check printing.

Examine the packaging of the POS equipment you are about to purchase. The basic kit includes a monitor, fiscal registrar and keyboard panel. The kit may also include customer display, cash drawer, and card reader.

Decide on a budget. Small shops may prefer budget models, large retail enterprises will need a powerful equipment that is more expensive.

Where in Georgia to buy POS Equipment?

The purchase of any of the POS Equipment can happen in three ways:

  • In any of the company's branches throughout Georgia, you can see them at this link.
  • Through the online store, which provides free shipping. www.gsn.he
  • Just one phone call ( +995322500120 ) to our remote sales department, who will take care of registering your device and delivering it to your desired address free of charge.

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