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Cash Register

Cash Register

Cash Registers in Georgia

Companies, accepting payment from buyers on the spot, must have cash registers equipped with a GPRS system, which is connected to the Revenue Service.

The Georgian market offers a wide range of cash registers for various types of business. Based on the needs of your company, we will help you make the right choice.

What cash registers are popular on Georgian Market?

Daisy Expert SX -  The Expert SX cash register is a fiscal device that offers high reliability and excellent functionality. Its large display, comfortable keyboard and trouble-free operation make it the choice of thousands our customers. Its built-in ports (USB and RS232) allow to be connected almost any periphery - scales, barcode scanners or computer systems. It features an easy paper load mechanism, heavy-duty silicon keyboard and built-in battery pack. Its compact size, built-in GPRS terminal, built-in antenna and long-lasting battery make it suitable for courier services, grocery stores, pharmacies, small shops, drugstores, bars and commercial sites with limited space.

Daisy Expert SX from GSN

Daisy Compact S is a cash register that combines the latest technical solutions and the result is a technological jewel. Its dimensions are so small that it makes the most compact cash register in the world! At the same time, Compact S has so many features - as built-in lithium-ion battery, extremely fast and silent printer, Android charger, lights and ability to work in spaces with limited light. While, the cash register is extremely light with only 300 gr and convenient, making it suitable for all mobile businesses - courier services, grocery, stalls, beauty salon, markets, fairs etc.

Daisy Compact S front side

Daisy Compact M Is a mobile cash register with a modern innovative design. It is equipped with a simple paper loading system, ergonomic keyboard, operator and user graphic screens and Bluetooth. It is compact in size, it has a GPRS terminal and transmitter, it has a durable element. The Daisy Compact M has the ability to connect to a money box and a barcode scanner. All of the above makes it suitable for smooth and successful use in any type of business or courier service.

Daisy Compact M front side

Daisy Perfect M - Features elegant and innovative design, large LCD screen with lighting, easy paper loading mechanism, ergonomic keyboard, fast and silent printing. Its compact size, integrated GPRS, integrated antenna and long NI-MH battery make it suitable for all types of businesses. Consequently, it is very much in demand in various types of business and courier services.

Daisy Perfect M front sideDaisy Perfect M back side

Where To buy Cash Register in Georgia?

It is recommended to buy any cash register listed above on the website of the company GSN, or in its branches throughout Georgia. It is also worth noting that if you buy cash registers online, you will receive thermal paper for free. The products have a 3-year warranty. GSN has been operating in the Georgian market since 2011 and is currently the undisputed leader.

How to choose Cash Register?

In order to pick up a cash register, you must consider the following


  • Business Type - different types of cash registers are recommended for different businesses. For example, it is better to use small and mobile cash registers for courier services, while larger ones are suitable for retail stores.
  • Number of buyers - If the company sells only a few products during the day, the cash register does not require fast printing of receipts.
  • Product variety - If the company has a large range of products, you need a device that allows you to select a product from a long list.
  • Product name length - - there are cash registers with a wide and narrow ribbon. If the names of the goods or services are long, you should consider cash register with wide ribbon.
  • Available space On the counter - if there is not enough space, you need a compact cash register.