Who can use I-Cash?

Here is the Cash Premium:

  • Restaurant,
  • Cafe
  • fast food
  • Any food item.

Here's a cash business:

  • Any store
  • trading place
  • Warehouse


How can I buy I-Cash?

You can purchase the program I-Cash remotely: (032) 2 500 225 or Giessen - Georgian Service Network branches in different regions of Georgia.

What does the full i-Cash package include?

1 package includes:

  • 1 admin panel
  • 1 cash register (point of sale)
  • 1 warehouse

What about Admin Panel?

From the admin panel, the manager / owner controls the entire workflow: inventory acceptance, report production, sales, accounting, etc. Once the manager / owner adds their employee to the program, they have the option to choose what functions to include in each.

What size of business can use I-Cash?

I-Cash is suitable for small and medium business. One company can use I-Cash and operate separately with as many branches want.

What is online cloud-based software?

An online program, or cloud-based POS program, is one that operates entirely online. The program is not installed on any of your systems. In return, you have access to the POS system through the account you set up with your service provider.

Cloud-based POS has many advantages. Inventory, sales and data are always protected as they are stored on an online server. The owner / administrator can work in the program from anywhere in the world.

What if my internet access is stopped?

Online and offline - use everywhere. I-Cache is a cloud-based platform that can work even without the Internet. All transactions are automatically synced to your online server as soon as the internet call is restored. Therefore, your employees can continue to sell, even if the Internet is down.

What about Users?

1 branch (object) has 1 administrator panel for owner and may has countless users employees, accountant with different permissions.

How to install I-Cash?

The installation on I-Cash POS software is for free. Our technical representative will visit your branch and arrange.

How to work on i-cache? Is it possible to train my staff?

Our technical representative will arrange trainings to all your employees for free.

Do I need some special integration with my devices or accountancy program?

I-Cash can be integrated with any accountancy program. The software can be integrated also with any device, such as: electronic scales, printers, POS systems, cash registers etc.

What operating system can I-Cash work with?

I-Cash softwares work with Windows and Android operating system.

How to find the best Cash register for my business?

You have the best opportunity to buy a cash register from our supplier! With just 1 call we can provide you with a cash register, registered with the Revenue Service and fully ready to work in your mall, plus a POS system and complete business equipment.

You have the opportunity to choose between 7 different models, depending on the length of work of the cashier and the design you want. Delivery service is free. For detailed information contact us: (032) 2 500 225.

I need POS system, printer, barcode scanner, cash drawer, money detector, electronic scale, label printer, bill counter etc.

You can buy any type of business equipment with just 1 call. Our highly qualified technicians will help you select the most convenient and budget device you need. Delivery service is free.


In case our customer needs any kind of support regarding software, he/she will receive it for free.

What is Call Center phone number and working hours?

Call center phone number: (032) 2 500 225 and working hours are: 9:00 to 19:00.

What about payment?

The customer choses monthly or annual payment. Seasonal business may use I-Cash software as well. The branch can work 3-4 month and close, then next year has possibility again use the software seasonal. Whole information will keeping in the server for years. The old data can be deleted if customer requests.

Is there a test period?

The i-cache program is completely free for the first month. For detailed information contact us: (032) 2 500 225

What is the price?

Please visit the menu - Software

I need support?

Contact us: [email protected] / (032) 2 500 225